About us

More than 40 years I (Johann Tatzber) have been farming in Sommerein, district of Bruck/Leitha in Lower Austria.

In 1995 with two my colleagues we founded a company for agricultural consulting in Austria.

At an agricultural internship of my son in Turkmenistan I got acquainted with a fellow countryman who invited me in 2004 to develop a trading company for agricultural machinery in Ukraine. Thus began my work as an agricultural adviser in Ukraine.

In 2006 I founded a business consulting company with a focus on agriculture, which I run as a private enterpreneur.

The company "Agrar Consulting Tatzber" with the head office in Sommerein, 2453 has also an office in Kiev.

As our own farm is located in the Eastern part of Austria (Pannonian climate area) and due to my many years' working experience in Ukraine, I am able to analyze the problems and opportunities of Ukraine and in accordance with that direct my consulting work.

 Agronomic consulter for company    

Since April 1st 2014 we are working for the company "CNH Industrial Austria GmbH" (CASE-IH) as agronomic consultants of tillage processes and equipment.

Case IH  is the world's largest producer for agricultural machineries - Tractors, Combines, Sprayers, Tillage-Systems, Planters, drilling-technique and agricultural electronic.

In addition to an excellent service, Case IH also offers its customers agronomic advice by creating concepts for needs-based soil cultivation and practical advice for the use of Case IH technology.

Agronomic Consulter for Agrarholdings

Agrar-holding "Kernel" is one of the largest and most successful agricultural holdings in Ukraine and is one of the most important customers of Case IH.

In the course of the consulting work a close cooperation between our company AGRAR CONSULTING TATZBER and the Agrarholding "Kernel" has developed.

This consultation consists of regular discussions and discussions with agricultural management regular visits of the farms and practical discussions with the employees as well   as the further training of young employees.

For several years now, we have also maintained good contacts with the agricultural holding company "Epizentr-Agro" where Case-IH-technology is successfully used.

In 2019 a close cooperation has developed with the Agrarholding "A.G.R.-Group" and there will also be a closer cooperation at the consulting level in the futureWe are also in constant contact with other agrarholdings and private farms and provide training or tillage concepts.

AktivitIES in  Ukraine sINCE 2004

Since 2014


2012 - 2014  


2006 - 2009


2004 - 2006

1995 - 2004

Consulter for tillage technology for  "CNH Industrial Austria GmbH" bzw. "Case-IH"

Project Energiy efficiency (financed by EBRD) - agronomic consulter for "iC-Group"

Development and management of a branch for "QUIVOGNE-CEE" in Ukraine

Project in Abu Dhabi - Mechanization of an agricultural farm in the desert outskirts

Project with "EuroBioFuels" ("Christof-Gruppe") - Production of row material for Biofuels

Haiti - Feasibility study for "Christof-Gruppe"- Biofuels from Jatropha Curcas

Mechanizationconcepts for farms in Ukraine - "IMS-Agrartechnik"

Consulting for farmers in Austria - funding requests after EU accession