At up to 8 m wide, the  Ecolo-Tiger 875 is the largest full-size combination ripper int the industry.

It sports a welded, heavy duty frame for improved durability.

As the most aggressive disk ripper on the market, the Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 875 efficiently eliminates compactions up to 45 cm, sizes and mixes the toughest, heaviest residue, while also leveling the soil out the back for a smooth seedbed in the spring.

By sizing and mixing crop residue into the soil profile after harvest, producers can liberate vital nutrients and make them available during the next growing season. This can reduce the crop’s dependency on purchased fertilizer, improve cash flow and profitability, improve the crop growing environment and, as a result, increase yield potential for the next season.

The rugged frame provides plenty of underframe clearance, along with shank spacing for excellent residue flow.

Case IH Tiger points perform a unique lift, twist and roll action that restores pore space and enables nutrient cycling in healthy soil.

One outcome of Case IH research is the  patented double-edge reel, sizes any remaining large clods and levels the soil more to eliminate lost yield potential. In the new Ecolo-Tiger 875, the double-edge reel has a hydraulic option, allowing producers to position the reel from the cab.

The  mounted Crumbler® tucks stalks against the soil to increase microbial activity and speed residue breakdown while breaking up large soil clods, knocking soil off root crowns and creating smoother conditions for easier spring seedbed preparation.


True-Tandem™ 335 VT vertical tillage equipment incorporate residue and maximize nutrient availability using an exclusive blade design which is perfect for the pre-set gang angle.

Soil tilth involves achieving the proper balance of nutrients, oxygen and water. To accomplish this, the True-Tandem™ 335 VT offers exclusive shallow concavity, Earth-Metal ® wavy blades that send soil and residue up, over and out and enhances seed bed finishing. It breaks through crusty, sealed-over soils and mix residues up to 4 - 10 cm deep in the soil.

The Earth-Metal ® line is one of the largest in the industry.  Earth-Metal ® is stronger, sharper and longer-lasting.

Feathering disks on the tillage tool's rear gangs eliminate or greatly reduce pass-to-pass ridging.

True-Tandem™ 335 VT with 190 mm disk-spacing and 508 diameter blades and an angle of the disc sections of 18 degrees enables precise tillage even at a working depth of 3 cm.

This hastens residue decomposition for quicker release of nutrients the new crop can use.

With active hydraulic down force controlled from the tractor cab, the double-edge rolling reel puts the final touches on the seed bed in spring or fall..

Vertical tillage tools are used in spring and fall to slice and mix residue, remove surface soil crusts and weeds and level the soil


The new Tiger-Mate 255 field cultivator creates a high-efficiency seedbed for the most accurate seed placement. This next-generation field cultivator series delivers agronomic advantages with each pass, helping you capitalize on your planter’s ideal productivity levels to achieve maximum yield potential.

A 6.5-inch shank spacing improves crop residue flow and distribution across the Tiger-Mate 255. That expands the minimum side-by-side shank spacing to 660 mm so residue flows more freely and mixes more completely.

The first three ranks of sweeps are spaced farther apart than the rear two ranks. This helps flow more residue.

Plus 356 mm of trip height clearance for rocks and other obstacles helps you ork the toughest fields and that helps to get your fields worked and your planter rolling.

A new 3-bar, spike-tooth Advanced Conditioning System (ACS) harrow paired with the Case IH TigerPaw™ Crumbler® rolling reel.

ACS combination aggressively breaks up clods, evenly distributes crop residue and levels the soil for a smoother surface finish.
• Front rank of spikes are adjustable to match ground conditions.
• TigerPaw Crumbler features a formed bar for greater clod-busting power and excellent durability.