As part of a project together with "Danube Soya", seminars on soil cultivation and soybean cultivation took place on 10 and 11/12/2019 at the "Agrar University Sumy" and the "Agrar Academy Poltava".

The invitations were made by "Danube Soya", "Case-IH" and their dealer partners "Ukrfarming" and "NFM-Agro" as well as by the agrarjournal "Agroexpert".

"Danube Soya-Ukraine" presented the project idea for production and marketing of GMO-free soya in Europe.

The "ACT"-presentation demonstrated the problems of crop production in Ukraine due to soil compaction and aridness.

The "Integrated Soil Cultivation" for the exact mixing of crop residues and for flat and water-saving tillage as well as for the removal of compactions with Case-IH-technology are the focus of this soil cultivation technology.

The company "K.E.T." presented the technology for possible mechanical weed control and loosening the soil surface after sowing or after growing up of plants.

After lectures on financing possibilities of agricultural machinery by Case-IH and basic agro-financing, there were still interesting discussions of the more than 120 participants.

This series of seminars will be continued in 2020.

Visit of the Head of Advantage Austria, Mag. Gabriele Haselsberger, WKO-Kiev at the Agricultural University Sumy on 10.12.2019.

This visit was made after invitation of the Rector of the Agricultural University of Sumy, Prof. Dr. Volodymyr Ladyka.

Mag. Haselsberger visited the simultaneous seminar of "Danube Soya" and was able to get an impression of Ukrainian agriculture.

Mag. Haselsberger and Prof. Dr. Ladyka agreed to take pains for closer cooperation between Austrian and Ukrainian companies, universities and professional development.

Together with the Moldovan partner of "Case-IH", with the company "Agroprofi", a seminar for management, employees and partners took place on 21/11/2019 in the city of Rezina.

Moldova, like Ukraine and other neighbouring countries, is struggling with strong soil degradations through compactions, water erosions and aridness caused by the continental climate and now also by climate change.

During and after the presentation, the seminar participants discussed the possibilities of reducing these problems.

Every year the agricultural exhibition "AgroExpo" takes place in Kropynitzky.

On 27.09.2019 Case-IH dealer partner "Agroaliance" organized a seminar on "Case-IH tillage technology" in the hall of the agrar-exhibition.

With the great support of Irina Korchahina, the editor-in-chief of "Agroexpert" we were able to present the technology and technology of "Integrated tillage system".

The following field demonstration could show the possibility of crushing and shallow mixing of crop residues after corn.

On 11.09.2019, the Case-IH-Dealerpartner "Agroaliance" organized in Nikolaev an excellent seminar for their customers.

More than 70 participants attended this event.

Due to the compactions throughout Ukraine and the aridness, especially in the months of July and August, these issues were discussed intensively.

The proximated field demonstration with Case-IH technology showed the large effects of soil degradation.