The "A.G.R.-Group" is an agrarholding (founded 2017) with currently about 30,000 hectares of arable land in central Ukraine.

This agrarholding is very versitale.

Additional to the arable land, "A.G.R.-Group" has own elevators with a total storage capacity of 55,000 tons, fruit growing on 165 ha and an animal husbandry with 1,400 cattle.

In November 2019, we could demonstrate the excellent working quality of "Case-IH True Tandem 335 VT" and "Case-IH Ecolotiger 875".

In December to the management of A.G.R.-Group we made a presentation for Case-IH soil cultivation technology .

The "Case-IH Ecolotiger 875" (with 5 working steps  in one pass in best working quality) will increase yield and save fuel costs.

The own experience on one farm of "A.G.R.-Group" with subsoiler, instead of the plough, increased the yield by more than 15%.

Farm "Shevchenka" in Holovanyvsk, Kropyvnitzky region

On dry black soil compactions have an extremely strong effect.

With "Case-IH Ecolotiger 875" together with Case-IH Dealerpartner "Agroaliance" we were able to present an excellent working quality even under very difficult conditions.

We could show a working depth of about 40 cm and also a good crushing and mixing of the corn residues up to  10 - 15 cm.

Case-Camp in Jahotyn

From 10 to 16/10/2019, "Case-IH-Ukraine" had offered a multi-day camp for the employees of "Case-IH" dealer partners in Jahotyn district.

Tractors (Quadtrac, Magnum and Puma), field sprayers (Patriot 3330) and the tillage equipment Ecolotiger, True Tandem 335 VT and Tigermate were explained and tested at several stations.

Each participant could test all devices themselves and drive  tractors and sprayers.

Farm in Kharkov region

On 20.08.2019 Case-IH dealer partner "Ukrfarming" organized a field test with "Case-IH True Tandem 335 VT" in the Lozivskyi area.

After the right adjustment we could convince the good working quality of "Case-IH" tillage technique.

Afterwards we could show a presentation and discuss the basic tasks of soil cultivation.